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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions.

14 Day Moneyback Guarantee

We offer a 14 day moneyback guarantee, so if you decide you do not require the product for any reason you can return for a refund. This applies for 14 days from date of your order and postage charges are not refunded.

Can I program other radios to work with Mitex?

Yes, as long as they are on the same frequency band (i.e. UHF or VHF) and cover the UK general frequencies they can be programmed to work with Mitex. Although Mitex radios are professional radios and can be re-programmed we hope not to have to do this for most of the range. The Mitex Pro Radio will be able to be used with existing systems and be programmed to you requirements

Can I return headsets

We cannot offer a refund on headsets due to hygiene reasons, therefore please be very careful when selecting a headset for your two way radio, and if you are unsure of what to purchase you can contact us by phone, email or chat.

Can I talk to PMR 446 licence-free radios on Mitex units?

No PMR 446 Licence-free Walkie-Talkies are restricted in power output to half a watt. Mitex radios have 10 x more power output and are not allowed to be used on this band.

Can the radios be used straight away or do they need programming

Yes, the radios come pre-programmed and will work straight from the box after being fully charged.

Do all walkie talkies come with charging pods

Not all models come with charging pods, there are 3 options:

1. Battery only models - These use alkaline or rechargeable batteries but no charging is provided, therefore you would either use alkaline or your own charging unit.

2. Rechargeable models (Pod) - These models come with a charging pod that allows you to drop the product into the pod for charging.

3 Rechargeable models (charging unit) - Works as above but no pod provided just the charger that plugs into your product like a mobile phone.

Do I need a license

We offer both unlicensed and licensed products, the unlicensed are 0.5 watt power and the licensed are 5 watt power.

You will require a license for the 5 watt products, and the form is provided with the product. One license is required for all radios per user group e.g. a club, school, business or individual will require one license.

Do Lusonic offer a repair service for Mitex?

Yes, in the unlikely event you have a failure, we can arrange a fast and comprehensive repair service

Do you sell additional handsets

We offer a small number of additional handsets, and if your product is GAP compatible they can be added to your system. Most of our cordless amplified phones are GAP compatible and therefore you can add additional handsets. If adding a different manafacturers handset to your system, some features may no operate.

Do you ship overseas

Yes, we offer prices on line but if you are unsure please call on 01708 476009

Does using Mitex radios from in a car or building effect the range?

Yes, having to cut through a vehicle or building can reduce the overall range significantly. The solution is to try and get the signal to air. From inside a vehicle the Mitex Mag Mount Kit or the Ground Plain Independent Antenna will do this by putting the signal to air

How many radios can I use in one area?

There is no limit to the number of radios that can be used in one area

Returning a product

If you need to return a product, please contact us on 01708-476009 or by email at and we will provide a return number. The return number is very important to the warehouse and is used to track your return, and if you return a product without the return number your product could go missing or just slow down your replacement/refund.

We have Mitex General Radios; if we purchase several more from a diffe

Yes, as long as you purchase the same model range. For example Mitex General will work with all Mitex Generals back to back, straight from the box. Likewise Mitex Security will work with Mitex Security, Mitex Business with Mitex Business, Mitex Site with Site and so on. Additionally, all UHF Mitex radios can talk to each other on channels 13, 14 & 15. Channels 1 to 12 are dedicated to the Model range and channel 16 is scan. Mitex VHF units, like Sport, Country etc., will again talk to all VHF units on channels 13, 14 & 15, channel 16 is scan and 1 to 12 are dedicated to each model range. UHF units will not talk to VHF units

What difference is it if I order on line or on phone

There is no difference apart from you may want to ask a question before you buy, but that can also be done by email or chat.

What distance will the Mitex hand held 2-way radios cover?

Distance is a difficult thing to quote as it depends on so many different parameters. Mitex radios are full 5 watt hand portables and are as capable as any other professional Walkie-Talkies and better than many. Mitex have regularly tested the Mitex General up to 25Km with good line of sight in open country, but this can vary depending on terrain and atmospheric conditions.

What do I have to do to obtain an Ofcom Business Radio Light Licence?

Simply fill in the application form supplied with your Mitex Radio or you can apply on line: You can apply for an Ofcom Business Radio Light License as an individual, Sole Trader, Club/Federation, partnership, Limited Company/PLC, Association, Government Body, Registered Charity, Education/School/University, NHS, Royal Charter, Religious Body etc. One license will cover you for an unlimited number of Radios anywhere in the UK and currently costs just £75 for five years (That is the equivalent to just £15 per year for unlimited users).

What is the difference between licensed and unlicensed products?

The main difference between them is the power output e.g. Unlicensed are 0.5Watt and licensed are 5watt, therefore licensed giving 10 x the output of unlicensed radio's resulting in a far superior performance in range and quality.

This is not to say that Unlicensed products cannot perform well, just that licensed radio's offer a more superior performance.

Licensed products require an Ofcom license that is supplied in the box and costs £75 for 5 years, and covers all radio's in your business, group or club.

What Walkie Talkie Accessories should I buy

We offer a full range of accessories and recommend yopu only purchase accessories that we advise will work with your product, this information is usually available on the accessory description page

Where can I use my radios?

Anywhere in the UK, If you wish to use them outside the UK you will need to check the legal requirements of the country before you use.

Are all two way radio's compatible?

No, there are many that are and many that aren't e.g. Unlicensed - All 8 channel should work together + the 8 channel will work with 8 x 38 Sub channel models but only on the first 8 channels. Some products also have DCS channels and only other products with DCS channels are compatible. Licensed - The Mitex licensed radio's that are UHF will work together and VHF will work together but UHF will not work with VHF models. The different models have some model specific channels and some cross model allowing you to mix and match.

Do Two Way Radios always reach the quoted range?

Manufacturers quote the range reached in ideal conditions and yes it can be reached if everything is ideal, e.g. clear line of site, not built up area and weather perfect. Lusonic suggest that most radio's will achieve at least 50% of that quoted range although much further or much less may be achieved.

How many radio's can a group use?

As many as you wish, you can buy additional radio's that can connect to the same channel.

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